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Brian has over ten years experience in USG Food Aid programming, until late 2009, He has been the Global Food Programming Advisor for Monetization and Local and Regional Procurement of Food Aid for one of the largest Food Aid Handling Private Voluntary Organisations, World Vision International. 

He provided technical oversight not only to World Vision programs but also to other PVO’s with USDA monetization programs that required monetization agency services; this was provided as an outsourced service offered by World Vision. 

Brian has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Eastern University in Philadelphia, and holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science majoring in Auditing from the University of South Africa. He served his articles of clerkship with Price Waterhouse in Zimbabwe.

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Being a certified grant accountant and having A133, he was charged with setting up and running the World Vision Food Aid Audit unit for 3 years prior to focusing his efforts on Monetization.

Apart from many short term assignments in over 40 countries worldwide, Brian has worked for extended periods in Angola, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe and is currently based in South Africa. He is married to a Mozambican National and is fluent in Portuguese.

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